About Us

We go beyond the hire to uncover more than niche talent – We find answers.

Finding talent has no boundaries. We’re a Canadian company with global reach.

Intellidig is a specialized research firm that delivers human capital intelligence and innovative talent sourcing to business leaders. We pride ourselves on being a local partner with a global scope. With a proven and innovative methodology, Intellidig combines talent acquisition services with the most advanced process in research.

We have proven that our success is based on our approach, not the industry in which we focus.

Because research is the basis of all our work, Intellidig has pioneered the People Intelligence® reports. Our customized reports reveal a detailed and meaningful portrait of the talent landscape combined with real-time data providing unparalleled strategic insights and recommendations to help your business make better, more informed talent decisions.


Intellidig is an integral part of the GE sourcing strategy. Although GE Canada has a team of highly qualified recruiters, Intellidig complements our capabilities acting as a strategic partner and an extension of our internal resources…

Intellidig has been a high performing strategic business partner. They have built a pipeline of top quality candidates in an industry where financial and technical talent is traditionally very difficult to find…

My experience is a testament to Intellidig’s ability to source qualified passive candidates. At the time they first contacted me, I wasn’t actively searching for a new role, but the opportunity they presented was ideally matched to my motivation, experience and intended career direction…

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How research makes hiring better

Find out how to:
  1. Streamline your hiring process and find the right talent.
  2. Enhance your Talent Acquisition strategies by shifting to a proactive approach.
  3. Attract and keep top talent by gaining valuable competitive insight.