People Intelligence®

Our data driven research methodology provides you with in-depth talent, market, industry and competitive insights.

We translate

Data to answers

Not everyone understands data, but we can all understand results!

Our People Intelligence® Reports provide real-time data and insights, so you can get straight to the good stuff – results and answers, helping your company gain a competitive advantage. 

Our data driven research methodology will provide your company with insights and industry trends you won’t get anywhere else.

Data can be boring, but results are always interesting. Unique and tailored results are even more interesting!

people intelligence reports help guide recruitment strategies

Industry trends and competitive insights you won’t get anywhere else

Find out how our People Intelligence® Reports can give you a competitive edge by reviewing some of our sample reports:

Talent Study


The primary objective of this People Intelligence® Report was to find talent in Merchandising and Category Management talent at the Manager to VP level.

Productivity Study

Industrial Construction

The primary objective of this People Intelligence® Report was to explore ways to increase labour productivity on mega construction projects.

Talent Study

Executive Women: Investment Industry

The primary objective of this People Intelligence Report® was to pinpoint candidates with strong potential for future career opportunities with the Canadian Credit Union Association.

Generic Study

Our generic People Intelligence® Reports provide relevant and executable talent related insights about organisational change, business relocation/expansion, case proposal development, mergers/acquisitions, as well as anything and everything in between.

Commissioned Study

Our commissioned People Intelligence® Reports provide targeted industry, company, and/or talent information, that are tailored specifically to you and your company’s needs.

What People Intelligence® will do for your business:

Real-Time Data

Presents your company the most relevant, right-now actionable insights to optimise any workforce planning initiatives.

Competitive Insights

Give your company the edge it needs to understand attraction drivers, mobility factors, internal structure, and everything else you need to know about your competition. Giving you and your company the ultimate business edge.

Better Strategy

Our People Intelligence® Reports will help your company stay innovative and gain a deep understanding of the talent landscape along with insights to support your future strategic initiatives.

intellidig whitepaper how research makes hiring better image

How research makes hiring better

Find out how to:
  1. Streamline your hiring process and find the right talent.
  2. Enhance your Talent Acquisition strategies by shifting to a proactive approach.
  3. Attract and keep top talent by gaining valuable competitive insight.