Talent Acquisition

Our innovative research techniques will help you hire the right talent.

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We deliver uncommon value

Successfully finding people for hard to fill roles requires a different approach. At Intellidig, we combine the most relevant and innovative sourcing techniques to help you hire the best talent.

We do the heavy lifting to allow you to draw on the strengths of your internal team for a more productive hiring process.

You gain a dependable partner who can deliver exceptional results.

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We Find People you can’t

Finding talent, the right talent, requires digging much deeper than what traditional recruitment methods involve.

We identify, engage and attract the highest quality candidates through a very targeted and intricate Talent Acquisition approach, which provides you with a powerful competitive advantage.

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We do things differently

At Intellidig we believe that the way things are currently being done is just not good enough.

So, we redefined and pioneered a new way of helping our clients find the best talent and stay ahead of the competition.

We dig deep to find and source the best talent.

This is not traditional recruiting

Our entire Talent Acquisition Research methodology is built around in-depth research. We don’t merely scratch the surface; we keep digging until we find the right talent. Our performance driven approach offers unparalleled results. We can help you fill your most challenging positions regardless of industry because our proprietary methodology provides a consistent approach offering a new level of search excellence.

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How research makes hiring better

Find out how to:
  1. Streamline your hiring process and find the right talent.
  2. Enhance your Talent Acquisition strategies by shifting to a proactive approach.
  3. Attract and keep top talent by gaining valuable competitive insight.