What does a research firm do?

Intellidig finds information. Information may be in the form of lead generation and competitive intelligence. The information we dig up is available to the public, but typically difficult or time consuming to collect. Often, our clients want to identify top talent that they would have no way of finding. They would like to gauge interest from passive talent but prefer to remain anonymous. In many cases, our clients are simply unsatisfied with the quality of candidates presented by other search firms, or they have exhausted their typical search capabilities and are looking to reduce recruitment costs. Our services also offer our clients the opportunity to improve their market positioning by understanding their competitive landscape, build talent pipelines, or generate sales leads. Overall, information helps our clients meet their business objectives.

What kind of firm is Intellidig?

Intellidig is a research firm that digs deep for information to help our clients work smarter. We provide business information in two distinct areas that have critical impact for every organization; passive candidate sourcing and competitive intelligence.

Are you a headhunter?

No, we are a research firm providing a specialized focus on finding and recruiting people. Our search strategy is different in that research forms the premise of all our work. Every search starts from scratch. It is a strategic and targeted approach to sourcing and engaging with top talent.

How are you different from search firms?

We truly specialize in the most difficult part of the recruitment function – the identification and sourcing of passive candidates. We never post our positions and we are not members of job boards. We dig deep using advanced tools and techniques to uncover and identify hidden talent. We provide our clients with leads and other competitive information that can help them reduce their costs by making multiple hires from the same information; we gauge the candidate’s level of interest in making a change allowing our clients to remain anonymous, protecting their reputations. By working smarter, our client’s experience savings over using traditional search firms that may not be up to speed on the latest technologies. We also provide competitive organizational insights and other competitive information to help your company make strategic hires.

What is your pricing model?

Our fees are based on research hours with services offered per project or as long term partners. We ensure that you only pay for what you want. Our goal is to provide an alternative approach to typical search and pave the way for more effective pricing options that directly align with the results.

What is a passive candidate?

A passive candidate is someone not actively seeking a career change but who is open to considering a better opportunity. Identifying and sourcing passive candidates has become a very attractive and necessary option for many companies in today’s competitive marketplace.

Do you only provide passive candidates?

We incorporate a wide sourcing strategy that can often include active and semi-active candidates. Even though we specialize in passive candidate sourcing, it does not mean that we would pass up an excellent candidate by any other name.

Do you work with search firms?

Yes, but our business model is built upon providing alternative cost-effective, sourcing services directly to corporate clients to help them improve their internal search capabilities.

Do you require exclusivity?

No, we don’t believe in forcing limitations on our clients. As partners, we have the same goal – to fill your positions. We are prepared to earn your business by delivering cost effective and timely results that ensure your success in making the best hires, however that happens.

Do you specialize in a particular industry?

No, we’ve proven that our success is based on our approach, not the industry in which we focus. We’ve had success in many different industries. Because research is the basis of all our work, every project is different and customized to the unique requirements of our clients. Add this to our exceptional people skills and you have the extended ability to reach the highest performing candidates in any industry.

Does providing lead lists and contact information diminish your business opportunity?

This would be true of typical search firms, but our goal is to add value by improving our clients’ internal capability to make placements without having to pay exorbitant fees every time they want to fill an open position.

Do you offer full lifecycle recruitment?

Yes, but our specialty is on the upfront identification and prescreening portions of the recruitment cycle as this is often considered the most time consuming and difficult part of the recruiting function.

Does Intellidig guarantee my satisfaction?

Yes, understanding your requirements and needs are at the core of all that we do to deliver results. We believe in transparency and sharing important insights into the research and sourcing process. We work as an extension to your internal team and embrace the virtues of honesty, integrity and sound business ethics.

Do you provide activity reports?

Yes, we suggest weekly conference calls and can provide reports that detail all activity along with how we are tracking toward your project goals. We also share any competitive insights gathered that week and provide report content in a customized format that can easily be imported into your company’s database.

As a Canadian firm, do you only work in Canada?

No, Intellidig is a virtual based business so there are no geographic limitations. Our clients are worldwide and we have worked many successful international projects.

What types of clients does Intellidig serve?

Our clients range from large, national and international corporations to small and mid-sized businesses. Our clients span all industries and often have multiple locations. We have the capability to provide services for clients worldwide.