What separates us from other recruiting agencies

First: get familiar with the market and the company through extensive research.

Second: employ innovative ways and progressive thinking to achieve superb talent acquisition.

Third: advance and support the business of the client.

In a nutshell, this is one of the many high quality services that Intellidig provides. The seemingly simple processes of talent acquisition and talent management consultation is achieved by numerous different recruitment strategies. Thorough investigation of the market and opportunities, strategic talent pipelining, and understanding of the candidate motivations, you get the talent you didn’t know you need.  

Let us not only tell you, but show you how we are different from the rest. Intellidig stands apart from other recruiting agencies by realizing the potential of the passive candidates recruiting. The standard practice of the talent acquisition procedures is to use job boards and gather candidates through easily accessible public information. However, Intellidig does not follow the standard practices. The success of the company is in its inventive and forward thinking. Increasing the candidate pool by tapping into the passive workforce (the candidates not actively looking for a job), you get a much higher chance to find your perfect fit.

How do you benefit from passive candidates recruiting? – The most straightforward benefit of the process is the expansion of the pool of potential candidates. Having more candidates for a single position increases the chances of finding the most appropriate fit. Second, some of the most skilled employees are those who are not actively looking for a job. By recruiting those candidates, Intellidig automatically gives you access to the top performing workers.

Still in doubt if Intellidig is the right choice for you? – Besides the passive candidates recruiting, one of the most successful services that Intellidig offers is the talent management consultation. The right fit between employee and employer can substantially increase the success of any company. On all levels, from individual to team, from worker to manager, the right candidate can contribute to the development and advancement of a company. Training your HR team in the most applicable and successful recruitment strategies increases the independence of the company in the recruiting process. You will no longer need the help of outside recruiting agenises to deal with internal promotions.