We go beyond simple recruitment services

Intelligence and information are one of the most important and sought after assets involved in every aspect of the recruitment services. Although information is easily accessible due to the advancements of the World Wide Web, getting the precise knowledge you need can be a daunting process. Since you can spend hours on end searching for something and fail to find it, the weight of intelligence gathering increases drastically. Especially when the success of an organization is on the line. You want to excel in what you do? You need outstanding people to help you get there. You struggle to find the right fit among the wide selection of recruitment services? We can help. Intellidig has put a great effort to stay ahead of the competition. How? With specialized recruitment practices that go beyond the basic recruitment consultant procedures.

What can Intellidig do for you?

Give you the option to find your fit among a wide range of choices.

First and foremost, Intellidig relies on thorough recruitment research. Every subsequent step in the recruitment process is heavily based on the recruitment research. You get a comprehensive review of the industry, your competitors and the most suitable talents for your available positions. We do not rush the process, and we do not jump in the deep end without preparation. Only after we have access to the complete information we create a specialized recruitment process to fit the unique needs of your organization.

You see the recruitment firms everywhere. The recruitment process has become a very standardized experience. You ask for candidates, the recruiters post at job boards and end up sending you, what they believe to be, the right fit. Now, the practise is standard for a reason – it works. But there is much beyond it. Our recruitment consultants take the standard as the base and built onward. With such a strong base, every additional process adds further value to the development and expansion of any organization.

As people, we first judge the usefulness of a person (or a corporation) based on the core operations. And once we deem them worthy, we want committed.  If we expect that from the people around us, so why not expect the same from your recruitment team? It is natural to look for strong commitment to the success of your business, and a team such as the one of Intellidig is more than eager to meet your demands with high quality solutions and specialized recruitment methods. You can expect success in the present and growth in the future based on the professional recruitment consultants of Intellidig.