Some Success Stories

Intellidig is an integral part of the GE sourcing strategy. Although GE Canada has a team of highly qualified recruiters, Intellidig complements our capabilities acting as a strategic partner and an extension of our internal resources. We truly appreciate their collaborative approach and their expertise in passive candidate sourcing. Aside from finding and helping us attract and hire top talent at reduced costs, where they really add value is providing competitive intelligence to optimize our hiring and retention strategies for better business performance.

Intellidig has been a high performing strategic business partner. They have built a pipeline of top quality candidates in an industry where financial and technical talent is traditionally very difficult to find. Many of their hires continue to contribute to our growth and performance today. They continuously improve their services through innovation, creativity and by constantly striving to add value. Their quality is backed by accountability, transparency and performance metrics. This is a refreshing attitude in the recruitment industry.

My experience is a testament to Intellidig’s ability to source qualified passive candidates. At the time they first contacted me, I wasn’t actively searching for a new role, but the opportunity they presented was ideally matched to my motivation, experience and intended career direction. Now I find myself in a great new position which I likely never would have discovered without their assistance. The individuals at Intellidig were professional, insightful and amicable, and I would highly recommend their organisation to my colleagues!

They take the time to understand who we are, what we do, our culture, and our most challenging hiring needs. We have unique candidate qualification requirements and they think outside the box to help us find the right fit. We trust their judgment and we want to see just about every candidate they submit. They display particular strength at clarifying expectations and negotiating on our behalf and always represent our firm with integrity and ethics. We are proud to use them as an extension of our HR function, ultimately enabling us to be more effective in hiring top talent.

At Integrity Wealth Group, we are always looking to network with industry professionals. The problem we face is that it is difficult to identify and reach people without spending a lot of time identifying them and digging for contact information. It’s a manual process to organize the data and enter into our database which hinders accuracy and productivity. Intellidig not only finds high value information, they provide a customized format so that the data can be imported into our proprietary database for immediate use and better results. The flat fee pays for itself and ensures that we derive long-term value for the dollars we invest. They are a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend Intellidig for information research services to help companies prospect more effectively.

Intellidig’s Affiliate Program has strengthened my relationship with clients because it has allowed me to offer extended services outside my area of expertise in sales & management training & coaching. After referring clients to Intellidig, I hear about their genuine focus on quality and the little extras they provide to ensure our clients achieve success with their passive candidate sourcing services. I am proud to be affiliated with such great people, and will continue to refer prospect clients in the future.

Intellidig clearly doesn’t depend on low hanging fruit. Instead, they focus on passive candidates whom we would otherwise be unable to identify and attract. Their targeted approach delivers high quality, low volume candidates and they provide lead lists with accurate, up to date information, not only resumes, which gives us the ability to develop a pipeline for future needs. This reduces our dependency on external assistance lowering our recruiting costs. Their unique approach is superior to what we’ve seen from other search partners and I’m proud to promote their services to my hiring managers.

Intellidig demonstrates a high degree of integrity and ethics in providing candidate sourcing services for Deloitte. They take the time to understand our corporate culture and they clearly appreciate the value of building long-term client relationships. Their Candidate Research provides a unique approach to uncovering difficult to find talent. At Deloitte, we have high standards for excellence so our service providers must meet those standards. Intellidig’s client focused philosophy is evident in all that they do.

Our company offers integrated talent management services that empower individual, team and organizational performance. Intellidig passive candidate sourcing services align perfectly with our mission and company values. We have had great success as a client and have experienced firsthand their quality and quick turnaround. Best of all, we were able to make a low cost strategic hire who has been a strong addition to our team. We look forward to continuing to develop our affiliation with Intellidig, as a strategic partner and as a client.

Intellidig’s Target Sourcing approach has aided us in making low cost strategic hires by complementing our ability to engage and attract passive candidates. I would highly recommend them to any firm looking for a results driven search partner.