Hire with certainty

We find the high hanging fruit; the people who aren’t looking. Our specialty is connecting you with the people you can’t find through expert passive candidate sourcing.

The most talented performers tend to be satisfied employees, not active jobseekers. Intellidig digs deep to access the most competent, capable passive candidates and attracts them to your opportunities.

Research is the premise of all that we do. We use modern tools and various sources of information to uncover niche talent through multi-disciplined, cutting-edge search techniques. We then apply a skilled and professional approach to engage and attract the strongest candidates.

It is through the combination of targeted research technology and relationship development skills that we are able to optimize our services to turn research into results.

Talent Acquisition

Compete with confidence

We translate data to answers. Not everyone speaks data, but we can all understand results. Great results come from educated decisions grounded in accurate insights. Our People Intelligence® Reports deliver real-time, fact-based insights.

Human capital insights are as integral to business decision making as financial information. You may have access to vital financial data, but there comes a time when detailed insights into competitors or an in-depth view of a talent pool could impact your strategic plan and bottom line.

Our unique methodology and business model have positioned Intellidig as the go to service providers to support critical business decisions. We deliver exclusive information that aligns talent analytics with business and HR strategies and provide complete transparency into every project to answer questions you have, questions you should have and everything in between.

Talent Intelligence