How our HR consulting practices give you long lasting benefits

You want to believe in the people you hire. You want results. You want success.

Your employees want comfort. They want respect. They want prospects.

Intellidig is the bridge between employers and employees. We are the bridge between research and people. We make the market and work for you.

How can we bring you the workforce best suited for the success of your company? We do so by concentrating on two aspects of the process: the condition of the market and the abilities of the candidates.

We do our research. Literally. We take time and put effort in our hiring research. We don’t do what every other recruiting agency out there does. We go deeper into the market. We research your competitors and gather intelligence on their practices and workers. We make an extensive list of the products, background and goals of the competitors and we assess the needs of the market so you can generate suggestions as to how to fill the gaps. Imagine that you have an in-depth knowledge of what you need to do before you do it! We give you that opportunity by conducting thorough hiring research and giving you the information you need to make a sound hiring decisions.

After the more global hiring research, we zoom in onto the people part. This is where you get excellence and precision. The detailed candidate research makes it even easier to secure the top performing candidates. This is a how it works:

  • We identify the needs of your company;
  • We consider possible future requirements;
  • We search the available market and then we tap into the passive candidates;
  • We deliver a complete list of titles and names, positions and skill sets of people who will suit your company.

What do you get? In the end of the candidate research you get the names and descriptions of the most qualified candidates for your positions. You get to chose between the complete set of available talent because we bring you even those people who don’t know yet that are looking for you.

And finally, we stand behind our work and your success. We complete the hiring process by providing HR consulting to your team. We train your staff to search for the available and the unavailable talent; we train your HR department to read into the already gathered information and get multiple hires from it. Your success is our success. Your satisfaction is our goal.