Talent Mapping


Our client, a Western Canadian publicly traded leader of independent dealership networks for construction and agricultural equipment needed to make high volume, immediate hires to respond to its corporate investment, recent acquisition and growth strategy plan. The company needed to hire experienced sales reps in various urban and rural locations and was challenged in not only finding enough people to meet their growth targets, but also finding people with local market experience that was critical for success. As a last resort solution the company was considering the possibility of recruiting overseas to fill their needs but were reluctant to invest in this approach.


The company engaged Intellidig to map out the talent in competitor organizations as well as identify other relevant sales talent from indirect industries across the entire region that could be relevant to their needs. Intellidig was very successful in mapping out over 700 sales reps in over 40 urban and rural locations across Western Canada and additionally, expanded the search into Eastern Canada as a means to test the attraction potential from that region.


Using the information that Intellidig provided, our client was able to quickly fill multiple positions, addressing some of the more critical regional areas that were challenging and of primary concern. Additionally, they were able to build a pipeline of candidates for medium and long term hires as the organization grows over time. As a result, the company built relationships with talent across the country and no longer felt the pressure to resort to an overseas recruiting campaign.