Organizational Charts


Our client, a Big 4 accounting firm, had new leadership in place with the objective to quickly expand and increase capacity in their regional practice. The growth projection for the next year was to double their size from 12 to 24 people at various levels of experience.

The Solution

Given the tight market conditions for this specialized skillset, our client chose a proactive approach to identify and profile all tax practitioners at the manager level through to the Partner level at three direct competitor firms in the region. The intent was to identify who’s who in the market so that they could open the channels of communication and build relationships with key players for potential strategic hires to fill their needs quickly, when the time came.

The Results

Intellidig mapped the internal structure of the competitor firms in a geographic region, including the complete hierarchy of positions with contact information, job titles and relevant profiles and bio information whenever possible. From this information, the new leader was able to gain insight into the competitor’s leadership, reporting structures and size of teams to help them understand their position in the market. As a result of this information, our client made immediate hires and built relationships with top talent for future hiring needs. They also gained valuable competitive insight to benchmark their own organization and make better business decisions. This strategic approach has helped them achieve their long term goals.