Location Intelligence


Our client, a top 20 Canadian Oil and Gas producer, was starting up operations in two new O&G fields in the US. They were trying to determine and justify the optimal location to locate their facilities within each of these fields. Choosing the correct location was a critical decision as it would significantly impact their timing and ongoing cost of operations.

The Solution

Through a systematic and multi-disciplined approach, which included both primary and secondary research, Intellidig uncovered data which provided key insights into the skilled labour force, rural versus urban infrastructure, availability of accommodations, cost of living, legal and tax implications, access to transportation, opportunity for expansion, and other relevant factors.

The Results

The research narrowed the choices for each field based on the key factors of importance for optimum location selection. Benefits and drawbacks were outlined for the various locations, giving our client the confidence to begin building its infrastructure while minimizing their costs and increasing their profit margins from each field. Additionally, competitor presence was detailed with contact information for local and foreign suppliers, residents, government officials, and qualified talent.