Labour Market Study


Our client, one of the world’s largest mining companies, was planning to open a new mine which would require hundreds of skilled trades labourers. The geographic region did not have a sufficient labour pool to staff the mine so employees would need to be recruited from across Canada. Our client needed to identify the labour pool and build an “attraction” package that would incent these employees to relocate. This information would also support the contracting company building the mine and the supporting infrastructure including temporary housing and amenities. Delays in staffing the mine would result in a delayed opening which could be very costly in lost revenue.

The Solution

Intellidig was engaged to identify and directly connect with the labour market for 9 labour categories in 6 industries across Canada in order to identify the key factors required to attract candidates to relocate to an urban vs rural location. Intellidig identified 1800 people across Canada and classified the qualified prospect candidates willing to relocate along with their motivating factors, rationale, and drivers for considering relocation for a new employer.

The Results

Nearly 60% of qualified prospect candidates expressed a willingness to relocate and ranked specific factors that would incentivize their relocation for a new employer. This included housing, healthcare, transportation, benefits, education, work schedules, employment for spouses, entertainment, recreation and other amenities. Talent hubs for specific labour categories were located across the country which allowed our client to concentrate their recruiting efforts in those areas and place emphasis on job categories that would be more difficult to staff. Our client was able to develop a large talent pipeline for quick hiring and had the information required to build an attraction package which would increase the effectiveness of their recruiting activities and decrease the risk of a delayed opening.

This project was successfully completed under budget within a very short time frame and the resulting information proved to be highly strategic for organizational planning purposes across several different divisions across the organization and provided value well above and beyond its original intent.