Diversity Studies


Our client, one of largest institutional fund managers in North America, had a goal to bring innovation into the workplace by enhancing their gender diversity initiatives in order to attract top talent executive women and board members. They wanted specifically to identify the top women executives in the investment industry and better understand how their direct and indirect industry competitors attracted, developed and retained this talent.

The Solution

Intellidig identified 370 women executives within 35 targeted organizations across Canada. Org charts were drawn for each company highlighting executive men versus women with in-depth profile and contact information. Areas of specialization, career achievements, mobility, international exposure, language, age, motivations and career drivers, compensation, education, and other pertinent factors related to their work history and qualifications were investigated. Additionally, current and historical gender diversity initiatives implemented by these organizations were captured.

The Results

Our client received both a big picture and a detailed analysis (macro and micro examination) of the talent pool across Canada for women executives in the investment industry. The org charts displayed the titles and number of women within each of the organizations for competitor benchmarking and they proactively targeted key players to build strategic relationships for short, medium and long term hires. Over 100 diversity initiatives were uncovered, some of which have been introduced into their own organization and others are being considered for future diversity strategies.