Executive Search


A small, high growth technology firm headquartered in Calgary, AB was building a new branch office in Houston, TX and needed a strategic leader to manage the office and open up the US market. They were seeking a senior level Project Manager for Sales and Technology to open up the US market. They were looking for someone with direct industry experience in their niche channel market. The challenge was finding the select skill set with the appropriate level of experience, and then attracting that candidate to a small high growth firm without an existing presence in Houston. Our client chose to use Intellidig to source for this position instead of using a local US based search firm.

The Solution

Intellidig was quickly able to identify strong candidates in the Houston market. Our client met with every candidate submitted and was extremely impressed with the quality and turnaround. The selected finalist not only fit the skills and qualifications required, but more importantly, fit the culture of the growing organization. Intellidig worked virtually to successfully manage the communication process which was disrupted as a result of one of the worst hurricanes in recent history. This posed severe challenges in bridging the lines of communication between the candidate and the client. Intellidig also participated in extensive negotiations concerning compensation and benefits, suggesting several amendments to the base vs. bonus structure which were implemented and accepted.

The Results

Intellidig was successful in finding the right candidate and working with the client to complete the hire in the time frame required, exceeding their expectations. They were exceptionally pleased to be able to work with an existing vendor that could service their needs in different markets without additional expense.