Candidate Research


Our client, the Energy division of a multinational Fortune 50 firm, was experiencing severe difficulty in filling multiple regional Power Delivery / Field Engineer positions across several geographic locations in Eastern Canada. Various recruiting strategies had been implemented, yet many roles remained vacant for months. It was particularly challenging to recruit for these positions as field personnel worked in remote locations across Ontario and Quebec. There was a limited local talent pool and attracting people from outside the region was difficult. To add to the challenge, an international hiring freeze had been placed throughout the firm one week into our search assignment.

The Solution

Our client identified the need to tap into the passive candidate market and engaged Intellidig to map the eastern region for Power Delivery / Field Engineers working at competitor organizations. The hiring manager provided seven competitors whom they wished to target and Intellidig identified three additional firms.

The implications of the hiring freeze turned out to be minimal as Intellidig was able to differentiate our services, demonstrating our added value beyond the typical search process. Rather than focusing on individual hires, the project in its entirety provided deep industry insights and market intelligence highly valued by the business leaders. Urgent requirements were filled and relationships were built for future hiring needs.

The Results

The project met with such success that the initiative was expanded to multiple regions across Canada. Seventy five passive candidates from direct competitors were identified; all of whom were previously unknown to our client. Eight people were interviewed resulting in two strategic hires and six additional candidates remain in the pipeline for future consideration. Not only was our client pleased with the insights and the tangible outcome of filling the immediate vacancies, but they did so at a considerable cost savings greater than 60% of traditional search methods. Of additional value, the client was able to accurately identify how they are positioned in the regional competitive landscape.